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My name is Liisa Kruustük and my name is Veiko Kruustük. We are Network Marketing Professionals who have experience of 10+ years. Liisa has built up a 2000+ team in 15 countries and Veiko has built up a 5000+ team in Europe. In these episodes, you hear about our learning and practice of how we move from old school NM building mode to the New Social Marketing model that we found in 2020. We already experienced the first month with the new system results what we both have never been before in 10 years, where random people write to us and want to order products what we have. How cool is that? Instead, we contacting people, people took contact with us and want to give money to get these products. If you like to get more updates from our LV Empire page, just Subscribe with our e-mail list and we share with you about 1 new video every week.

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We educate 
people to live a better life!

Happiness is the highest form of success. And to succeed, we focus on changing daily habits in four areas to maximize your human potential: Healthy Body, Personal Development, Generous Heart, and Strong Finances. We have tools and knowledge to guide you step by step to improve in all these areas and create your dream lifestyle that you have always wanted. By changing your habits, you improve your health, increase your income and it all changes your lifestyle.


Partnership in Lifestyle community

A chance to improve in all areas of life – together with a big international team

healthy body

Healthy Body

Health is not just about eating and training. There are lots of other components that change our body chemistry either negative or positive. It’s more, much much more … Hydration, light, movement, sleep, nutrition, relationships, gratitude are all essential to practice daily.
Good Habits create Health and Happiness which equals an extraordinary life. We have a new approach to wellness, together with premium supplements and daily habit guide H3 we provide the building blocks your body needs. And it’s cool to have new friends that all do the same – so welcome!

Strong finances – Passive income

Earning more money is not the goal, it’s a tool to create a better life. Like hammer is a tool to build a house. So bigger income just gives you more opportunities. But does it also give you time? Yes, it does when your income is PASSIVE. And real-estate is not the only option by the way…
Think for a minute…do you still earn money right now if you do nothing? If not then let’s start.

Travel LV Empire


We don’t know if you like to travel or not. But we have experienced so many beautiful places and different cultures which we didn’t know before. Travelling gives you an opportunity to value life in a different way. If you have good health and passive income, then the whole world is your home.


Client Testimonials

Don’t take our word for it – here’s what our clients say:

I’m 15 days into my H3 journey and already I’ve had amazing results!
I’ve always been a positive person, but this has made me even more so!
I have more energy, I’m more focused and I get stuff done!
My days are so much more productive, I’m working out every day, even if I can’t make it to the gym and I just feel so full of life all the time. Sure we all have moments, but I don’t live there..
H3 reminds me, thru gratitude that there’s more to life than living in doom and gloom, we need to go out and make the most of every single moment! Xx

Sarah W.
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Absolutely loving MOA so far, only 5 days in and feel more energised, more focused and motivated. Can’t wait to see what it does next P.S i was incredibly sceptical at first!!

Sam K.
Sam K.
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Hi all
My experience with moa has been a blessed journey.
These product ingredients have been well thought out.
I had IBS and was so upset I couldn’t eat certain foods without feeling bloated, breathless, in pain and running to toilet at family meals, clothes would all of a sudden feel tight with the bloating and feel very uncontrollable and uncomfortable whilst out started to get embarrassing.
I had a couple of bottles of moa and in a month I started to feel amazing!
I can eat what I want and not have to worry about my digestion system blowing up!
I am a new woman so give it a go for at least couple of months to let the magic ingredients line your tubes and get into your system it’s worth the wait trust me! Xx

Lucy V.
Lucy V.
more testimonials…

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Our Team

Feel free to contact our team members directly and ask whatever you want. Here we have some of them.

Liisa Jõgisalu

Liisa Kruustük

Entrepreneur, Self Development lecturer

Veiko Kruustük

Veiko Kruustük

Trainer of Automatic income

I’m a former IT Project Manager and CEO from Estonia who always wanted better in finances and time flexibility to focus on the things most important to me – my family, my health and my community. As a IT Project Manager and CEO my main goal was to make all things easier and automatic. That time I thought multiple times how to make automatic income, to get time flexibility. Because if there is automatic bills, then there can be automatic income.


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