?️ How to 10X Your Customer Base? ?

Referral PostsThe Most Powerful Strategy to Expand Your Network and 10X Your Customer BaseWhy Referral Post?The majority of people who start out in Network Marketing don’t have a very big network. …What is Referral Post?A Referral Post is when you have either a customer, a friend or an influencer put up a post on their…
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? How to run your business smoothly? ?

Wheel of life:PhysicalFamilyMentalFinancialSpiritualCareerPersonal Character P.C. stands for persistent consistency Wheel of business:MarketingSalesOperationsAdministrationLeadership Gears (shifting) include things like books, CDs, online learning, coaching, seminars, and professional development training. “Super charger” aka Hub. by Veiko Kruustük

? ATM Duplication System ?‍?

ADDTAGMESSAGE Announcement postsUnitsBefore & After postsRecognition & Welcome posts

? Contacts Management Hack ?

relationship first helps to remind yourself for customer/prospects custom newsfeed with only this group of people like and comment and if possible add value to their posts you can make targeted posts for that custom group of people

? What is Social Marketing? ?

FB Groups Live Videos ATM Referral posts

How to keep growing every season? ❄️ ?☀️?

You Win or Learn Your values 3-5 wins it can only be more, I have nothing to lose! I create my life

Some good news and some bad news.

Here is the awesome good news. We are only six inches away from success! The bad news is … those six inches are located between our ears. We have to change our thinking. Fortunately, changing our thinking is free. We just have to want to change. Employee-thinking is jobholder-thinking. Most of the guarantees for jobholders…
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? Welcome to LV Empire page ?

My name is Liisa Kruustük and my name is Veiko Kruustük. We are Network Marketing Professionals who have experience of 10+ years. Liisa has built up a 2000+ team in 15 countries and Veiko has built up a 5000+ team in Europe. In these episodes, you hear about our learning and practice of how we…
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Antioxidants and free radicals

What is antioxidant? Antioxidant protects our cells so that the „bad guys“ called free radicals couldn’t attack us. They protect us from getting rusty from inside out so that our skin wouldn’t dry and saves us from wrinkles. It also protects us from getting cancer and many other diseases. One free radical can destroy enzyme,…
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Sleep is your superpower | Matt Walker

We all need to get 8-hour goodnight sleep. World health organization named nightshifts to be as carcinogen…If you sleep less, then: your memory capability drops 40% your immunesystem drops 70% But hey, listen to yourself: